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Guitar Lessons
Diogo Andrade have been teaching guitar for more than 15 years. The last 8 at his studio at Allan’s Music Center, where he teaches private lessons to hundreds of students per year. Many styles are taught by Diogo like: classical guitar, fingerstyle acoustic, rock, blues, heavy metal, folk, pop and Brazilian guitar.

The style developed by Diogo revolves around each individual student, and by communicating in a relaxed and friendly vibe he captivates each one he teaches. The method changes according to each individual age , personalities and music preferences.

Along with his private lessons Diogo have been teaching at the Grossmont Union High School District for the past 2 years. Gateway west and Chaparral High School . On both schools the classes varies from 5 to 10 students and live performances are the final test for the students. Diogo performs with his students on those shows and also on graduation ceremonies, and other special events organized by him and the school staff.

His love for teaching the guitar is noticable by anyone who had lessons with Diogo and grows with each lesson.
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Song List
For your party Diogo also play with couple of bands , one focus on Brazilian Music ( Samba, Bossa Nova and MPB). The other band covers the best of classic rock, reggae, blues and soul.